Elevating Socially Conscious Cannabis Companies

Elevating Socially Conscious Cannabis Companies

Orthogonal is the scientific principle of right angles. For us, it embodies the idea of progression created through new and unexpected means. We see each of our partnerships as an opportunity to positively change the world.
— David Nikzad, Founder


Who Are We

Orthogonal Collective is a socially conscious holding company that provides strategic capital and vital resources to cannabis businesses. Our company mirrors Y Combinator’s seed accelerator for startups and incorporates the business model of the multinational conglomerate holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. We are leveraging our team’s collective experience, values and blockchain technology to shape a new industry: cannabis.

Cannabis and investing is not a new embarkment for us, but a core of our past. Notable companies that have blossomed from seed-stage checks that our founders wrote include Confident Cannabis, a platform for legal cannabis lab testing and Meadow, an all-in-one point of sale and delivery system for dispensaries.

We are introducing over a dozen cannabis companies into our partner ecosystem, including experts in research and development, blockchain compliance, cultivation, marketing, and the regulated seed-to-sale process, among others. Individually, each company is making a big impact. Collectively, our portfolio is shaping a new industry.


Socially Conscious Capitalism

We believe that social good and profit maximization are not mutually exclusive. Our strategy marks a new business model that is rooted in the principles of conscious capitalism, a framework which considers a financial return, as well as social and environmental impact. We support and seek out companies that are committed to creating positivity in the world, empowering people and elevating humanity. In short, we elevate good.   


Our Strategy is simple



We partner with pre-seed and seed stage cannabis companies for up to 50% equity stake in their businesses. As an active partner, we will help these companies innovate and disrupt the regulated cannabis market.


We are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) via a security token to raise funds for our operations. The value of each token will be tied directly to the value of Orthogonal Collective and our assets.


Through these partnerships and business model, we will generate profits through successful exits and operating income via consolidated cash flow.


Who We Work With

We have signed letters of intents (LOIs) with 10+ cannabis companies to join Orthogonal Collective. These future-forward businesses were curated to create a vertically integrated ecosystem of companies that compliment one another. These companies offer services and products that cover technology, payment solutions, media, dispensaries, lab testing, concentrates, topicals, edibles, and more.